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Interpretive and Adventure Hiking in Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia

Discover Wells Gray

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Interpretive Hikes

Detailed below are the main types of trip we offer. Email us for a more detailed guide to our most popular trips.

Half Day Interpretive Hikes

These are shorter hikes (typically 3-6km) on good or moderate trails with plenty of time to stop, look, listen, touch and learn about the world around us. Suitable for adults and children of average fitness and mobility:

Silvertip Falls

Forests and Falls

Discover the wildflowers, birds and other wildlife of the forests, and witness the geologic and human history that shaped the Wells Gray we see today. Also, get up close to some spectacular waterfalls (May to October).

more alpine flowers!

Sub-alpine Flower Meadows

Ascend though cool spruce and fir forest to walk amongst the stunning spectacle of ever-changing colour displays of the wildflowers in the famous Trophy Mountain flower meadows (July & August only).

Short and Full Day Interpretive Hikes

These are moderate hikes (typically 5-10km) on more varied trails that may include rough and steep sections. We keep a close look-out for things of interest on the way, and will have time to enjoy waterfalls, views or other natural spectacles before turning home. Suitable for fit adults and older children.

Bailey's Chute - watch for salmon!

Water, Ice and Fire

Use your legs and all your senses to experince the wildlife, wild rivers, waterfalls, canyons and other features that have all been shaped by the unusual hisory of volcanoes and glaciers in Wells Gray.

Plateau of the Lakes

Alpine Explore

A full day is the time needed to reach the incredible solitude of the best alpine lakes and mountain landscapes. Whether you just want to comtemplate by a crystal-clear lake; see the full range of alpine and artic-alpine flowers and other wildlife, or just throw a snowball in August, this is the trip for you!

Full Day Adventure Hikes

Any hike can be a personal challenge, but for the truly fit and adventurous, a longer (typically 6-20km) day hike in Wells Gray offers the chance to test your fitness on backcountry trails. The terrain may include significant steep sections and rough, rudimentary trails. The reward might be a spectacular alpine ridge with panoramic mountain views, a deep canyon, a rarely visited lake; and always a chance to feel truly swallowed up by the wilderness. Are you ready to hit the trail!

descending the ridge

High Alpine Trek

Hike through subalpine forest and meadows and enter the arctic-alpine world at the top of the Cariboo Mountains. Few tread these ridges that offer (weather permitting!) the most incredible views of Wells Gray Park and beyond.

Clearwater River

Clearwater River Trek

Hike deep into the hidden valley of the Clearwater River where few ever see. Now you're really "in the bush"!

Full Day Tour

A comfortable vehicle-based tour with numerous stops and some short (less than 1km) hikes. Suitable for all ages of average fitness and mobility.

Helmcken Falls bowl

Wells Gray Park Corridor

Wells Gray Park in one day! – it’s almost impossible, but we will show you as much as we can of the great variety of habitats and landscapes accessible along the Clearwater Valley Road. We depart from the Clearwater Information Centre and travel north through the spectacular wilderness and historic homesteads of the Clearwater Valley. Wildlife and the weather will be our guide as to the best places to stop each day, but regular sights include:

  • Spahats Falls - 75m high
  • Green Mountain – 360o panorama of the Park
  • Dawson Falls – 20m high and 90m wide
  • The Ray Farm – a pioneer homestead rich in history set in a beautiful forest clearing
  • Bailey’s Chute – a salmon run on the Clearwater accessed through wet cedar-hemlock forest
  • Helmcken Falls – the famous 141m drop into a volcanic canyon

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